About Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club

Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club was founded in 1891 at Racecourse, Coimbatore. The 118 year old club has also absorbed the various schools of thought and practice with regard the administration of the club over the years and has emerged colourfully cosmopolitan under all circumstances. The thousands of members of the past and the present have been the pioneers behind the development of our great city. The development of Coimbatore was proposed and brought about by the Cosmopolitan minds of our club so much so that the growth of the city owes most of it to our members.

Once you enter the cosmopolitan club you will feel a kind of warmth and nostalgia with the friendly atmosphere and lots of fun and games and entertainment organized by our dynamic directors adds to that warmth and is a fun place to be. The club offers relief to the active businessman and relaxation to the retired senior citizens. It offers solace to the overworked middle aged person and recreation for the young man.


Situated in the heart of Coimbatore, the club is a premier locality in the city. Initially started to fulfill the common objectives of the association, the Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club has now grown to provide outstanding facilities for its members, their families, guests and members belonging to other affiliated clubs.

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