We Offer Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club

The state-of-the-art entertainment facilities :

  • Library
  • Card Rooms
  • Net Centre for browsing
  • TV Lounge
  • Special Nights on Festivals
  • Party Halls
  • Residential Quarters

The best sporting facilities :

  • Squash Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Fitness Center
  • Billiards & Snooker
  • Yoga & Meditation

Fine Dining Experience :

  • Coffee Shop
  • Bar
  • Golden Bowl Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  • Non-veg Open air restaurant
  • Non-veg A/c Restaurant

Future Plans

Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club future plans are aligned with providing the state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, the best sporting facilities and fine dining experience to promote camaraderie amongst its members.

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